Thursday, September 01, 2005

Summer Nights

I'm getting my sense of taste back. Grilled sardines laden with sea salt pepper and lemon. Salad of figs and tomatoes with red onion and argan oil. Tastes of summer and the sea. Perfect frankly. I don't have to say anymore.

PS...Later that same night: Can I just say what a humbling experience writing a blog can be. I just popped over to read cookiecrumbs latest post at I'm Mad and I Eat and saw her entry for Blogday (I was trapped at work and didn't get a chance to post, I felt a bit silly doing it after the fact) where she chose this blog as one of her blogday recommendations. You have no idea how happy that makes me, cheers cookie!

PPS...Later still...Being an arch Darwinian I often like to look at things and try and figure out by what process of natural selection did , say, a certain fish get a certain set of patterns or a certain shrub attract or repel insects with certain scents. I like to ponder all the avenues that didn't make it, the odd mutations that were not successful. However, one's got me stumped. I may have to join my local evangelist church and throw away all my science books. How the hell did the romanesco broccoli ever make it into existence ? There may be a God after all, and he's a teenage pot monkey who's REALLY into fractals...


cookiecrumb said...

Are we allowed to do that with figs?!! Shoot, and I missed the farmers market this morning.
(Say, MG, thanks for the nice words. I'm just a nobody, so don't get all swell-headed. :D )

Anonymous said...

funny, that broc, I saw that two weekends ago at the farmer's market in Sonoma, CA, USA. The farmer stated that it was the first brocoli known to mankind, in fact he said, it was known to cavemen. Er, I don't know if I'm buying that theory but it sure looks like it!

Monkey Gland said...

cookie: yeah you can do that with figs, s'good! Nobody??!! nonsense! balderdash! a valued and respected comrade in arms ? I'd say so! Capital!

jeanne: I love that. First broccoli known to man, do you think there are cave paintings depicting the wonderous whirly veg thats high in vitamin D?

Anonymous said...

Have not seen that brocolli here yet. Love your saradines...and the fig salad.

Anonymous said...

omg - i LOVE the sardines. and that one on the right looks like she's all akissy!