Sunday, April 23, 2006

What's for pud round up

Firstly, apologies for the slight delay in collating your fine fine desserts, it was one of many deadlines that made a nice wooshing sound as it flew by this week.
Secondly, bloody good job one and all. So, what did we end up with? 3 Bakewell Tarts, 4 Bread and Butter Puddings, 2 Sussex Ponds, a Pig's Bum and a whole host of stunning looking puddings. Such a diversity of good pudding that old St. George would have flattened his horse. Can I just thank each and every one of you ladies for putting on such an incredible tour de force of English sweet things! My heart swells with calorific pride.
Sam's round up of the fella's contributions can be found here.
So here we go, a world of English pudding for your perusal...

Sam (my excellent co-host) @ Becks & Posh Entire English Tea Party

Belinda @ Caper Berry Gravy Bakewell Tart

Houska @ Houska Child Bread and Butter Pudding

Beatrice Peltre @ La Tartine Gourmande Strawberry Crumble

Ramya @ Cooking Within My Grasp Apple Charlotte

Jen @ Prepare to Meet Your Bakerina Sussex Pond Pudding and Cumberland Nickies

Haalo @ Cook Almost Anything Once Baked Custard Pudding

Ulrike @ Küchenlatein Lakeland Lemon Cake with Lemon Curd

Meg @ Too Many Chefs Bread and Butter Pudding

Plume @ Multiple Vegan Hot Cross Buns

Bron @ Bron Marshall, Classic and Creative Cuisine Battenburg Cake

June @ Bread, Water, Salt, Oil... Clotted Cream Rhubarb Fool with Cider Syrup

Norfolk Dumpling @ Normal for Norfolk Norfolk Treacle Tart

Deborah @ The Food Palate Lemon Curd Pudding

Véronique @ Wie Gott in Deutschland Crème Anglaise & Crumble aux Poires

Virtual Frolic @ Virtual Frolic Traditional English Trifle

Ivonne @ Cream Puffs in Venice Sticky Toffee Pudding

Catherine @ Albion Cooks Bakewell Tart

Anna @ Baking for Britain Poor Knights of Windsor and Maids of Honour

Faith @ Mekuno Cooking Eccles Cakes

Jenni @ pertelote Brown Bread Ice Cream

Alex @ Eating Leeds Cumberland Rum Nicky

Linda @ Make Life Sweeter Chester Pudding

Celia @ English Patis Sussex Pond Cake

Ruth Anne @ Beer, Bikes, Books and Good Eats Rhubarb Crumble

Stephanie, the Happy Sorceress @ Dispensing Happiness Black & White Pudding

Nina @ Sweet Napa Queen of Puddings

Martha @ Two Tasty Ladies Earl Gray Ice Cream and Messy Jaffas

Tejal @ Two Tasty Ladies Steamed Marmalade Pudding

L @ Cookbook 411 Ginger Bread and Butter Pudding

Julie @ Finger in Every Pie Pigs Bum

Mrs D with some assitance from Chopper Dave @ Belly Timber Figgy-dowdy

Kimberly @ Music and Cats Summer Pudding

Helen @ Grab Your Fork Scones

Niki @ The Comfort Zone Rhubarb & Apple Cornmeal cake

Meg @ Too Many Chefs Bread and Butter Pudding

Crickey, I need a lie down and just one more slice...


Anonymous said...

thanks for the roundup! it was fun... looking forward to next english pud... but lets not wait till 2007... are there any other national holidays involving food in merry ole england?? steak pie day?

Cindy said...

:( I did participate but I'm not in the list. Thanks for the round up anyway, nice puddings, make me wanna eat.

Anonymous said...

Not that it mattered much but I did not make a Sussex Pond. Mine was another Bakewell Tart. :) Poor you, you must be in sugar induced haze for that slip. :lol:

cookiecrumb said...

Ohmygod, you were overwhelmed, my love.
Gah, look at all those sticky, wonderful entries.
Um. So that's why I didn't even try. :D

AnnaW said...

Hi MG, thanks for your role in organising this event. What a fantastic spread of puddings.

Monkey Gland said...

Celia...Tell me about it, it's not me it's Blogger, it keeps rearranging things on the sly.I will endeavour to make the corrections.

tejal said...

Hi Monkeygland (I feel kind of wrong writing that name out...!) Just wanted to say thank you! Martha and I never participate in these organised events, but had a lot of fun with it. Ta!

mostlymartha said...

Indeed, we really enjoyed figuring out what to have for pud. Thanks for the opportunity to eat so much custard in such a short period of time!

Dagny said...

Thank you for the lovely roundup. I could not make it through them all quite yet because I was salivating a bit too much.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for all your (and Sam's) work on this! I truly enjoyed my pudding and the event was quite fun!

MizD said...

Thanks for the round up but: ack! My link goes to Kimberly's blog. I mean, I love Kimberly's blog and all, but... ::pout::

Plume said...

Thank you for hosting the event!
I was wondering if there is some french holydays involving food...
On the 14th of july it's mostly burned sausages I think... ;-)

Monaz said...

Ach, yes, I think Celiak and me got a little mixed up. I made the second Sussex Pond of which Mr Monkeygland speaks - the picture is there in the montage (2nd down, on the far left) but there is no mention of me in the round-up!

sniff sniff.