Monday, June 18, 2007

Borough Market Tour


A brace of London based foodbloggers and food writers descended onto Borough last week for a tour of the market with Celia Brooks Brown, a food writer who does regular tours of Borough, Portobello and Marylebone Village. Organised by those kind folk at this was a chance to get to meet some old friends, greet some new ones and generally get some freebies off the stall holders, something that any serious blagger, sorry, blogger, would be foolish to miss.

Celia obviously knows her stuff and the tour is great introduction to the market encompassing a bit of history and introductions to some of her favourite spots with samples to be munched along the way. The wine merchants Bedales, the floral hall restaurant Roast and a fair few of the dangerously good stall holders were on the itinerary and it rounded out my quickly grabbed lunch of a chorizo and a couple oysters rather well.

To be honest, none of us were new to the market, apart from maybe some Italians who'd flown in for the occasion so there weren't too many surprises, but I have to say we were all raving about the white balsamic vinegar and I for one was slightly bemused by the truffle honey, admittedly mostly due to Ben from Food and Drink in London making me taste some pesto at the same time. Not the best combo it had to be said. I'd heartily recommend the tour to anyone who's not been to the market or as a cool touristy thing to do if you're a visitor and of a mind to get guided round the best Borough has to offer.


Anonymous said...

I don't remember your arm needing much twisting, Nick!

Monkey Gland said...

True, very true, though I was distracted by the rather lovely lady at the Polish sausage counter...that came out a bit wrong!

Trig said...

The white balsamic was pretty incredible, it had a potent flavour like I've never tasted before. God I dread to think how truffle honey and pesto tasted in the same mouthful, too many flavours by a long shot. Yea i really enjoyed the tour, and it was nice to finally meet you