Sunday, May 27, 2012

Killing time at Shucked, Newstead

Cold drip coffee
Cold Drip Coffee @ Shucked

It's the wallpaper. Geometric and floral patterns in olive greens, browns and tans. Jumpers, too. A couple of chunky patterned knits amongst the serving staff. Yes, the wallpaper and jumpers make me feel like I'm on the set of The Killing. Actually, more like I'm in the sort of room we'd normally find Detective Wallander sprawled on the floor, with a shrill phone rousing our hero from drunken slumber. There's a Scandinavian crime thriller vibe going on here at Shucked, the glacial pace and melancholy of those TV shows reflected by the cold coffee drip and forlorn looking ornaments on the large shared refectory table that dominates the space. 

Happily, that's where most of the similarity ends at this actually quite cheerful coffee shop / cafe. The location, amongst the industrial units and building sites of soon to be trendy apartments might be reminiscent of a crime scene, but it's a cracking little spot for brunch of a weekend and I imagine crammed by local business for lunch during the week.

A deceptively simple menu and a coffee list that shows they care (including a house blend called Shuck'n'Awe) coupled with relaxed trendy youngsters manning the coffee machines and serving makes for a rather good destination for a Saturday morning stroll. Order green eggs and ham.

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