Sunday, July 31, 2005

On a Wing and a Prayer 2

Call Mulder and Scully. The bloody panna cotta set. I approached the fridge this morning fully expecting a breakfast of runny cooked cream and found lovely wobbly set desserts. Sweet. Admittedly, there was a bit too much nutmeg and they were probably a bit heavy but I was chuffed and I could tell that the girlfriend had fully expected me to be cleaning spilt sugary cream out of the fridge after throwing a tantrum.
By the way, do not go and see Charlie and The Chocolate Factory with no chocolate, popcorn will not surfice, you must have chocolate. Otherwise, you'll raid the sweet shop at the end of the movie like I did and end up feeling a bit sick.


Barbara said...

Good news....about the pannacotta. Looks good too.

cookiecrumb said...

Sweet tooth, eh? I've been spared.
But I do have a salt tooth. (Oh -- do you know I'm eating locally for the next month? Where shall I get my salt? Well -- I have a funny post for tomorrow.)
So happy the panna cotta worked out! I'll try it!
And: Did you like the movie?

Monkey Gland said...

It made my teeth hurt.

keiko said...

Hi Monkey Gland - I like the compositions of your pictures. Thanks for the tip on the film, I'll make sure I'll take some chocolate bars with me ;)

Anonymous said...

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