Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Hot Chocolate

Something of an experiment for me today. I was talking to my pa about the Isabel Allende book Aphrodite, her cookbook come treatise on erotica and food and I remembered a section on the combination of chocolate and chili. So as I was digging into a tub of chocolate ice-cream (some rather startingly good organic dark chocolate), I glanced at the fresh red chilies on the counter top that I had used cooking dinner (a slightly disastrous calamari con peperoncine) and figured what the hell. For good measure I bunged in some fresh chiffonaded basil.
The chili works a treat, not so sure about the basil. It was that kind of day.


wendy said...

Nice I love chocolate and chillies. Good to know the basil is a bust. Although basil is a nice combo with lemonade. Different, but good.

cookiecrumb said...

Yeah, basil is good with almost any fruit. Black pepper with fruit, too.
Wish my pictures were as nice as yours, MG. I'm on about page 57 of the instruction manual, and I'm losing it.

Chubby Hubby said...

You should try the Mariebelle spicy Aztec hot chocolate. Sinfully delicious!

Monkey Gland said...

Wendy: I'll be trying that lemonade and basil combo. Ta!

Cookie: My advice throw the manual out the window, learn what each button kind of does and try and hit a pidgeon with it. Damn things never make any sense. Manuals I mean, not pidgeons.

CH: Cheers for the tip!

farmgirl said...

Three cheers for being so adventurous with your ice cream. Me, I think I'll stick to adding whipped cream, toffee bits, hot fudge. . . : )