Friday, September 30, 2005

Mother stands for comfort...

Cauliflower Cheese

What can I say about this? How simple it seems, blanched cauliflower smothered in cheese sauce and grated nutmeg and then stuck under the grill. I used a crumbly Cheshire cheese for this, it has a gentle slightly tart flavour that is warmed by the nutmeg and complements the cauliflower. This is comfort food at it's best. Homely, comforting body and soul and making everything seem okay, no matter what went wrong with the day. The kind of food your mum would make when you'd got back from playing football in the park, admittedly not my mum she stuck to enourmous pots of ragu, but it's still that kind of food.


cookiecrumb said...

Yeah, Cheshire.

Skrat said...

Fantastic post! Gosh i remember having cravings for Cauliflowers baked with cream and cheese esp during winter while living in Australia! Comfort food indeed!

Sam said...

my mum made crap cauliflower cheese.
it was either too watery or too thick.
she used cheddar so strong (after she'd removed the pennicillin from the outside) that it would tear off the roof of your mouth and the cauliflower was always overcooked.
Once, even, we had many white caterpillars in the mix (for added protein?), and when I pointed it out to my dad he just said 'don't be rediculous, it's a cauliflower not a caterpillar, just eat it up and dont complain else you'll be locked in your room with nothing but bread & water for a week.'

That's the only cauliflower I've seen with 2 eyes and dozens of little legs.

You may think I am joking or exaggerating but this comment is almost 100% true.

deborah said...

indeedy. infact when we would have white sauce with our cauliflower i would forget that i hated cauliflower and eat it up like it was my last meal. mums and aunts are tricky like that ;)

Sam said...

monkeyG you inspired me.
Although I don't like cauliflower cheese, this post gave me a hankering for cheese sauce.

So last night I made, leeks, bacon, potatoes & bacon, covered with a bechemal sauce saturated with Cantal cheese, topped with gruyere and grilled.

The Frenchman was very impressed.
thanks for sparking the idea in my head.

Ghone said...

Love the photos & recipes!
I'd love to be able to take such perfectly lit food.
Do you use a softbox with flash or a light tent with lamps?

how to cook artichokes said...

Crikey! One minute I'm searching the web for things on how to cook chicken, and the next I'm reading Mother stands for comfort.... I'm not sure that's exactlly what I had in mind, Blogger, but I've enjoyed my visit. Now I'm off to try another search on how to cook chicken.

Roberto Iza Valdes said...
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Roberto Iza Valdes said...
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