Friday, September 16, 2005

What is the right way to eat a sausage?


There is a very simple answer to this age old conundrum. The answer is by yourself. Sausages are not food to share. They are best eaten secretly, furtively, preferably when they are still too hot and slavered in mustard. Watch people at bbq's, once they have got their sausage they retreat, guarding it from prying eyes, jealously applying condiments. Or ask someone to share their sausage in a greasy spoon cafe having an English breakfast, no, sorry, it's never going to happen. Bacon, go for your life, baked beans, by all means, but stay the fuck away from my sausage.

Tonight, I knew the house was going to be empty. I cooked up a couple of plump cumberlands and a beef and coriander seed. I ate them standing up in the kitchen with a hunk of bread and a beer. There are times when there is nothing better than knocking something up in the kitchen and eating it where you stand, usually straight out of the pan. I propped myself up against the kitchen counter and stared out at the trees in the garden, autumn's just around the corner and winter is on the horizon.


deborah said...

Right on! My all time comfort food is a sausage sandwich with lots of fried onion and HP! *drools*

Kalyn Denny said...

Yum Yum.

Anonymous said...

MG - I can't help smiling... your writing is always great and your sausages look perfect. and yes, winter is on the horizon... we need lots of comfy food!

megwoo said...

Ha ha! Right on.

tara said...

Perfect for the season, and loved the humour in the post. You're right, sausages are best enjoyed in silence or solitude, with possibly a side of mash and some hot mustard. Lovely!

Unknown said...

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