Friday, October 07, 2005

Announcing Bloggers Block

Hmm, I just haven't been that imaginative in the kitchen over the last week. It's been a week of food as fuel. Just getting it on board as quickly as possible and then rushing out the door. I've been wracking my brain for something to write about. There were a few possibles; Jamie Oliver's new book and the rise of interest in Southern Italian cooking over all the Tuscan nonsense we've been subjected to over the last couple of years, the sweet potato and carrot mash that I made last night to go with a pork chop, the first jam donut I've eaten in 6 months. A fair few but nothing that I felt I could get my teeth into (haha see what I did there??).
So with this in mind I propose a new monthly competition under the name of Bloggers Block. Every month the title of a post will be posted by myself or whoever takes a fancy. The competition is to write the most original post based around that title. What do we think? A good idea? or something best left consigned to the history of bad blogging ideas?
For a test here is the Bloggers Block title for October 2005:
"Using your loaf, the old fashioned way..."
Have a go, why not?, you never know what you might come up with and give me a shout if you decide to take part...


cookiecrumb said...

I would be very afraid to see what Greavsie wrote on "Using your loaf, the old fashioned way...". He can be a bit, well, cheeky.
I may play. I'm thinking it over.

Barbara said...

I'm not a great writer but I could make a dish based on the title.

Monkey Gland said...

dish or written thingy, I don't think it matters terribly much ;-)

drbiggles said...

I don't get it. What's going on? Oh, like writers block, bloggers block.
I have a goat leg to cook. Maybe I could grind it up and make a Goat Loaf?
Goat Loaf. I don't think that sounds quite right. Man, I'm killing me.