Tuesday, December 20, 2005

flickr fun


Up until a couple a weeks ago my flickr account was just somewhere to stash my photos so I could publish them here. So it's been quite a laugh recently to have a look at what various foodie types are up to. There seems to have been a rush as of late (actually, more like I have only just noticed) to form flickr groups dedicated to food, with some serios pro type behaviour going on. I like these:

Food and Wine Bloggers Group
Professional Looking Food
Too Pretty to Eat

Have a butcher's. It's always entertaining. You find yourself going ooooh!... aaaaaah!... blurgh!


Andrew said...

talking of photos I hope you will join in the fun at the new photo challange myself and Sam have created... Foodography

Monkey Gland said...

Good stuff! I'll be there.

Sam said...

Andrew beat me too it.
i was about to say the same thing.
will be pimping it more after the holidays.