Sunday, January 15, 2006

No Posts till Friday


I'm off to Seville. Back on Friday. Be good. In the meantime here is a picture of the sea I took and which I quite liked.


Brett said...

Seville? Oh, I am jealous. Have a great time and eat lots of delightful tapas (especially at Casablanca and Enrique Becerra) and drink lots of manzanilla!

Ivonne said...

I am in Toronto and it is about minus 20 degrees Celsius.

Please think of us while you're in Seville!!!

deborah said...

have fun. i love how every time i visit you blog - there is something new in the design. i wonder if youd be so kind as to share your secrets :)

GastroChick said...

Nice Picture, I'm jealous

GastroChick said...

Just been checking out your site, I like a lot. Its good to see another London food blogger.

However, I disagree with your post re. bagels, I don't think they are the best in London, my favourites are Ronni's Bagel Bakery on the West End Lane, West Hampstead and also Grodinski's ( not sure of exact spelling) there's one on the Finchley Road