Friday, November 17, 2006

Going Cocoa...


There's a delicate balance to had when it comes to drinking cocoa. It's that very delicate balance between sweetness and bitterness and a delicate balance between being a hipster and a terrible square. Too far either way and you lose something fundamental to a good cup of cocoa. The very word cocoa has a duality, it implies a certain level of inactivity, it is seen as the antithesis of going out and having a good time; staying in with a cup of cocoa is about as uncool as it gets. Which is odd, because when the balance between bitter and sweet is right, then it's a magical drink; a drink of the gods (which is where it gets it's name from in the first place). A subtle chemistry resonant with Mayan blood sacrifices and the burning crucibles of hallucinatory alchemy.

Ok, so a little fanciful maybe, but I don't know where it got it's dressing gown and slippers reputation from. This is a drink of emperors and should be celebrated as champagne is, not seen as a drink for OAP's and social inadequates. There is a distinction to made between a cup of cocoa and a cup of hot chocolate, which is an all together cooler proposition, with it's coffee shop vibe and indulgent reputation. But, the time for a fightback is here. Let us reclaim cocoa for cool people everywhere!

Either we do that, or I have to be resigned to the fact that I am a terrible square after all.


Anonymous said...

You were complaining of no comments on your cocoa piece... so here's one.

I like cocoa too.

vanessa said...

i'd be lying if i said that i never got a rush from chocolate as i do good wine or many hours in front of the sushi bar of a talented knife-wielding master. so i happen to like it when you say chocolate is magical. whether your make it from a posh mix or cut your own shards from the corner of a valrhona chunk, the process, though not in an Aztec or Maya temple, it still a worthy ritual.

and barring stereotypes of bored house wives sipping cocoa and lamenting daily life, i am unashamed in saying that drinking good chocolate does indeed make me feel like a goddess.

jess said...

you don't need to convert me. mine: green & black's with a shake of cinnamon and a pinch of cayenne pepper.