Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas


It struck me scrolling through recent posts, that I hadn't really mentioned Christmas on Jamfaced this year bar one rather special hangover. This is especially odd considering last year when I was positively reeking of Christmas cheer. The whole thing has been a bit more subdued this time around for me, I haven't actually felt that Christmassy. I've found the Christmas season a little more hysterical this year than most, the advertising has grated more, it has seemed more desperate than usual. It's all felt a bit stretched and worn thin.

I'm not about to embark on a hand wringing rant about the commercial aspects of this time of year, that would be silly for a man who has had to resist rooting through the bags he knows contain his gifts like a over sugared 5 year old, nor am I about to get a dose of old time religion and have a bit of a rant about the baby Jesus. It's just that it all feels a bit like a forced march. I think a fair few people I know have been feeling the same. A number of families I know have put it down to the stress of the whole thing and basically decided, en masse, to not buy presents for each other and just sit round a table and enjoy each others company. Other have bought everyone they know a goat. You know, one of those buy a goat for Africa things. Still more have just shrugged their shoulders and got stuck in, in a spirit of the Blitz kind of way.

I've been trying to figure out what it means, what exactly is it I am supposed to be celebrating. Now, if I wasn't such a lapsed and unsavable Catholic I'd be glowing in the certainty of the birth of the messiah. Which must feel pretty good on the whole. The return of the sun, that whole rebirth winter solstice vibe is something I can get with, though it does usually involve a bit too much mucking about in fields and girls with dreadlocks in clumpy boots, which is a bit wearing at my age. The girlfriend and I have decided to get the hell out and head for the summer solstice, see if it's all just a case of SAD. Or we will if the fog at Heathrow airport ever clears.

Merry Christmas all. For the next few weeks Jamfaced will be coming from Sydney, Australia.


jess said...

Have a fantastic time and all the best for 2007! Don't miss the gelato in circular quay...

cookiecrumb said...

You are ****ing me!!!
Australia? Summer in December?

(Did you get me a goat?)