Thursday, September 13, 2007

Festival Food and Fancy Dress


You're not likely to think of the average music festival as a culinary hot spot. Aside from hash cookies, dodgy vegetarian food and Class A drugs there's not often a great deal of good stuff to eat (which obviously depends on your point of view on the consumption of disco biscuits!). Well, that was my perspective on heading to the Isle of Wight for Bestival 2007 last Friday. Admittedly, the last time I had been to a festival was Glastonbury in the early '90's and I don't remember a great deal about it in terms of the food. Actually, I don't remember a great deal about it all. I needn't have worried to be honest.

A great deal has changed in the festival going stakes since I was a seemly age to actually go to music festivals. Firstly, you can charge your mobile, get money out of the cash point and if you are in possession of one of a myriad of coloured wristbands, even get a shower and use a proper loo. That coupled with the fact that Bestival is the largest fancy dress party in Europe and that the sun decided to come out for probably the last time this summer made for quite the civilised set up. Good thing myself and my friends misbehaved in a thoroughly uncivilised manner to make up for it.

Nursing gargantuan hangovers and aching limbs from sleeping in badly constructed tents and air beds the last thing I was expecting was pitch perfect cappuccinos and delicious smoothies. Lunchtime brought wood fired pizzas, jerk chicken and rotis, organic burgers, burritos (which given the usual sorry condition of Mexican food in the UK was a bonus) and some rather good Thai. Don't get me wrong there was a fair bit that was dodgy looking, such as the chili con carne potato wedges I found myself trying to eat at four in the morning whilst dressed as an RAF officer (including enormous 'tash) but on the whole I was quite impressed. Not a sprouted mung bean in sight.

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