Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nintendo Food Thingy


Any link between my loves of food and games consoles is one worth re-iterating here. No, Nintendo do not pay me anything to promote thier food related games (er, though if you're looking for anyone Mr Miyamoto...) I just love a bit of convergence. So here you have it Nintendo's talking Cooking Guide: Can't decide what to eat? Basically, a talking cookbook. You shout at it to tell you the next bit of the recipe. Brilliant. The recipe's do a look a bit shit at the moment, but I'm holding out for the Mario and Yoshi do Ferran Adria sequel. On Karts.


kaicevy said...

) I just love a bit of convergence

Christian said...

I love convergences, too. I just tried to explain London restaurants in terms of the new Batman movie on my own blog: http://backwardscity.blogspot.com/

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GollyGumDrops said...

I've found my iPod Touch to be a brilliant recipe book. It doesn't listen when I shout at it, but I have a whole internet of recipes in a portable and (almost) wipe clean format in the kitchen.

Takeaways said...

These will be the cookbooks of the future, little handheld computers or a screen in the fridge... Looks good, the technology makes it so much easier for the beginner cook.

sampada said...

I too love convergences.

pinkbishie said...

I haven't actually used it to cook yet but it is fun to play with. I do love Cooking Mamma but which is injected a little reality and recipe into it - so you could actually learn to cook while playing the game.