Thursday, January 21, 2010

World of Warcraft: The Wrath of the Kitchen King


On the whole, I'm not a fan of people. They get in the way and clutter the place up. Just tonight, two so called people knocked me off my crutches (long story requiring surgery) in a bid to make sure they got a seat on the train as the doors opened. Given there was ample seating for everyone (a rare occurrence, I'll grant you) I think they did it just to see how quickly I'd go down. One waved pathetically at me by way of apology and then got on the train whilst I was still on the floor. Like I say, I'm not a fan of people. Then, out of nowhere, they go and do something that makes me love them again, the cheeky scamps. Typical.

In this instance that something is recreating dishes from the game World of Warcraft in the real world and publishing the recipes. Breathtaking. For those of you who don't know their Blood Elf Rogues from their Tauren Shamen, I'm referring to the wildly successful massive multiplayer game published by Blizzard, played by millions and set in the fantasy realm of Azeroth (go and Google it for heavens sake). One of the many skills you can gain for your character is the ability to cook. These cooked items return you to strength, both physically and mentally after, say, you've battled your way through a cavern of bloodthirsty undead abominations with a giant sword and a lady wizard in skimpy pants.

The folks in Azeroth are a far more creative bunch when it comes to food than we mere mortals. They'll think nothing of cooking up bear steaks. Or boiling wolf meat. Or spicing up some giant spider's legs. Not content with slaying a bestiary of creatures from all parts of the fantasy spectrum, you get to make sushi out of them too. Like I say, it's wildly popular.

The people behind are not trading in illegal bush meats, no, they possess cooking skills of 400 and they are cooking dishes from and inspired by the game. Be it the recipe for Murloc Eye Pie or Warp Burgers, Tauren Chef and her friends projects include The Tauren Cookbook and the soon to be completed Wrath of the Kitchen King and I love them for it. So, next time your riding your Hawkstrider mount through the forests of Kalimdor munching on spiced wolf meat, turn that giant chicken round and head for the Tauren Chef's blog.

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