Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Blokes Eat Beef - A Goodman Redux

I was lucky enough to snag myself a seat at Simon Majumdar's men only beef fest last night. 4 types of prime rib, the best smoked salmon in the world, Argentinian Malbec and the smelliest cheese selection ever seen in a London restaurant. At the end of the evening  the room smelt pretty ripe, a fair few of us were considering vegetarianism and Lost in the Larder had passed out. Read Simon's write up of the proceedings here. Quite an evening.










Lizzie said...

I am SO jealous. So very, very jealous.

Great pictures! Sob wail sniffle.

kitten kitchen said...

Oh man, that beef looks amazing. Lucky Jamfaced!

Monkey Gland said...

Lizzie: Yes, I would be too :-)

KK: Lucky indeed!

Lost in the Larder said...

Ha, I was just resting my eyes for a moment whilst my digestive system worked out what to do with all that meat! Grand evening!

Monkey Gland said...

Lost in the Larder: Of course, why else? Was a cracking evening.

Brynjar said...

This looks like quite the evening.

In fact the pictures look so good I can´t stop wondering what kind of a camera you are using? In fact your pictures always look good, and often from occasions where i´d imagine it would be diffucult to get a decent one.

Monkey Gland said...

Brynjar: Thanks! I'm using a Lumix GF1 with a 20mm lens at the moment. Ace little camera.