Sunday, March 07, 2010

Exchange Coffee, Lewisham

_1000839I popped along to Exchange Coffee in Lewisham Market this Saturday to taste yet another award winning coffee. Neil Le Bihan took the London Barista Championship heats a few weeks ago and finished an admirable third in the UK finals. Kudos to him. Good to see places based in the badlands of SE London take on the more fashionable parts of London and come out on top.



I heart cupcakes said...

I do try to avoid Lewisham on weekends but must pop over to try some coffee from here as its only 10mins away

foodiepants said...

I rather fancy Neil Le Bihan. He's far sexier than Gwylmn Davies.

Monkey Gland said...

Cupcakes: I know what you mean, but if you can dip in and out, Exchange is worth the visit.

Foodiepants: I have no comment.

Alburt said...

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