Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bubble and Squeak and the smell of gunpowder

You can tell it's finally November, if only from the smell. London in the first week of November is a mix of bonfires, gunpowder, rotting leaves and that slightly ozony smell of frosts and chill winds. The local lads are out and about risking life and limb with a packers of illegally bought fireworks, those safety ads on the TV not really doing their jobs, and as we approach Saturday the skyline of south London looks more and more like a rather cheerful warzone with rockets and sprays of colour breaking through the sodium light orange. There being no more uniquely British celebration that Guy Fawkes Night and with a nasty cold filling my head I needed some good honest comfort food.


Named after the fact the ingredients bubble in the pot and squeak in the frying pan, Bubble and Squeak with some fat pork sausages seemed to the answer. Traditionally, a mix of left over beef, boiled cabbage and potatoes fried in a pan, mine slanted in a slightly more east end feel with the addition of anchovy fillets for a good salty hit amongst the soft tones of the cabbage and potato (no beef in this one, I'm not the kind of bloke to leave left over beef).


cookiecrumb said...

So, um... What's Spotted Dick named after?

sam said...

thanks for coming out on saturday
cant wait to see the dishwasher piece
looked for cookiecrumb on the BBC news yesterday but she was nowhere to be seen at the Marin farmers market

cookiecrumb said...

Sam: I'm too short!