Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Cacao et Chocolat

Chocolates from Paris

Myself and the girlfriend discovered this chocolate shop in the Marais in Paris a couple of years ago. The vibe here is on a return to chocolates roots with Mayan and Inca patterns on the produce and a general South American feel to it. Ok, probably a bit twee; but hell they make some good chocolate. The girlfriend was in Paris over the weekend and brought back this lovely wooden box of goodies, including some incredible gold leaf flecked truffles.


Sam said...

she didn't bring you back any Pierre Herme macarons???
Are you sure you are with the right woman???

(just teasing)

Jeanne said...

Hey - I've also been to that shop! Stumbled across it while shopping this summer... The chocolates were GREAT - I remember one filled with chocolate ganache infused with cayenne pepper which was spectacular!