Wednesday, December 07, 2005

WBW #16: Judge a bottle by its label


Wine Blogging Wednesday (this month hosted by Derrick @ An Obsession with Food) has been one of those blogsphere events that I've always wanted to get into. Unfortunately for me I'm rarely organised enough to get through my life let alone buy the appropriate bottle of wine for a blogging event. Not so today. Strange forces where brewing in the fundament that meant I had seen the perfect bottle of wine for this month's event. Judge a bottle by it's label they said! Is there another way to choose wine? I replied.

So here we have a bottle of the single cheapest wine I think they sell in my local wine merchants. It cost 3 quid and they have a lovely big sign around it saying "Cheap as chips, actually probably pretty good with chips". Being a lover of card games the label had a certain charm and I have to say I quite like the no nonsense "Vin de Table de France". The wine makers themselves in their notes prided themselves on the good honest down to earth nature of their wine; "Le Prince Rouge is an unpretentious, uncomplicated, fruit first French table wine", they boast. I have to say I agree with them.

This is wine to get your sense of proportion back with. It's a bottle of red wine. Perfectly drinkable red wine that goes well on a Wednesday night with a pile of fish and chips. It is rough around the edges, yes, there is no length to the finish , ok, just a jolly burst of ruby red fruit in your mouth and then you're ready for another chip. A perky nose and good fun colour. I like it, I honesty do. It doesn't taste cheap, not at all, no nasty chemical over tones, no palate spoiling harshness, just a bundle of fruity tones wrapped up in brown paper. You'll need good chips though, don't scrimp there.


Derrick said...

Great choice. I love wine fans who can appreciate the simple pleasure of a basic table wine. Such a fundamental thing that people often miss about wine enjoyment.

And 3 quid is even inexpensive when converted to dollars.

Thanks for jumping in to WBW, and welcome aboard!

cookiecrumb said...

What's a quid? Is it like a knacker?

Andrew said...

Where did you buy it? Even I could round up the shrapnel for this one!

sarah said...

lol! cutest label i've seen so far (but not as cute as the dancing monkey on mine! - we shoulda traded)


Monkey Gland said...

Derrick: Cheers!

Cookie: A quid is a paaaand.

Andrew: Oddbins, yeah, nice to come away with change from a fiver.

Sarah: Dang! Haha, very cool label.

Sara said...

I don't know much about wine, so I base my choices on the labels all the time.

cookiecrumb said...

I know. I just wanted to make a knacker remark. [Skulks off to restrict dumb comment-making over at Greavsie's blog.]