Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One of those what I had for lunch posts...


Sweden in the winter, before the snow... is what it feels like here in London. It hasn't helped that I've been reading Nordic horror all afternoon, slumped in a favourite reading chair, armed with a cup of tea. Assisting the mood is the rain that has been falling in gray and silver sheets for most of that time. Actually, tell a lie, there was a moment of blue sky when I popped into the garden and saw my first red tomato of the year. A little "ripe tomato" dance ensued.

So, my mood lifted by the cheery red new arrival, I set off into the kitchen for lunch. I was going to repeat the sunny little number I conjured at the weekend, a happy little salad, doing what every good salad should; sparkle and crunch whilst hinting at bitterness deep down. Slivers of grapefruit, pine nuts and a little cumin, tahini and lemon to jack the whole thing up, give it a sense of place, a little history, perhaps conjure some shisha smoke.

Oddly, I was distracted by buckwheat soba noodles with smoked mackerel and spinach, which took me somewhere else entirely. A long way from a rainy, green gray London anyway.


cookiecrumb said...

Hurry up, summer! It's almost... over!
Congratulations on the red tomato. And that mood-brightening salad.
We'll talk some other time about the soba and mackerel.

Monkey Gland said...

Cookie: Thanks! Fo'sure!